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Kris Krasnowski, BA

Interim Executive Director

Kris leads the WIHA team & focuses on communications – from event and brand management, to messaging and media relations strategy.
(608) 333-2860

Karen Beck

Director of Administration

Karen is the glue that holds the office together! She manages day-to-day office operations and assists with media and marketing efforts.
(608) 243-5690

Erin Eggert, MS, EP-C

Director of Information Systems and Physical Activity Programs

Erin manages all things technology including the website & database. She is the program lead for PALS, WWE, and Stand Up.
(608) 852-4303

Amie Rein, CSW

Chronic Disease Program Coordinator

Amie manages and provides support for the chronic disease programs at WIHA. She is the program lead for LW, HLWD, HLCP, and MOM.
(608) 852-7251

Jill Renken, MPH, CHES

Director of Program Implementation

Jill develops and nurtures partnerships with program providers to ensure they are supported and to facilitate the spread of programs in Wisconsin & across the nation.
(715) 340-4866

Suzanne Morley, CHES

Falls Prevention Program Coordinator

Suzanne manages Falls Free WI and is the program lead for Stepping On and Pisando Fuerte.
(608) 852-0813

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Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging (WIHA)
1414 MacArthur Rd. Suite B.
Madison, WI 53714

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