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Preventing Falls with Stepping On

If you’re like most people, you’re pretty careful about avoiding a fall. But there some factors you may not be aware of that can influence your fall risk. Stepping On addresses those factors and arms you with the information and strategies you need to avoid a fall. 

7 weeks. 14 hours. Reduce your risk for falls.

In Stepping On workshops, we take fall prevention step-by-step. You’ll learn how to build and maintain the physical strength and balance you need to walk confidently. From footwear to prescriptions, you’ll learn what increases your risk of a fall, how to avoid it, and make an individualized action plan to stay on your feet and living life the way you want.

What is Stepping On?

Stepping On is…

A 7-week (one 2-hour session per week) falls prevention program conducted by trained facilitators, and specially designed for adult learners.
Stepping On has been researched and proven to reduce falls by 31%!  
Stepping On brings together the life experience of its participants and the expertise of community professionals. From the first session, participants put new skills to use. Group members do activities each week to reinforce the information learned at the workshop. Physical therapists, pharmacists, and other experts help the group adapt fall prevention practices for individual needs and levels.

Is It For Me?

Know your risk for falls. Avoid common fall risks in your home and community. Get back your confidence after a fall.

Workshops are best for those who:

  • are an older adult

  • live independently

  • do not use a walker indoors (walker use outdoors is ok, cane use is ok)

  • do not need a wheelchair

  • are without a diagnosed cognitive impairment

The Research

Stepping On has been researched and proven to decrease falls by 31%. Fewer falls mean fewer injuries, fewer visits to the emergency room, fewer hospitalizations, and fewer deaths due to a fall. 

Read the original research article here.

What Participants Say

“I don’t want to be another stat and I believe the class helped me understand how not to become one.”

Jan Severson, Dane County

“The program is more than exercises. Pharmacists to know what drugs are correlated with falls, learning about safety with the paramedics… Learning how to be aware of your surroundings [in] your house, other people’s houses, [and the] outside environment, especially sidewalks… The class has so many facets, you learn so many different things on how to be safe.”

Jane Bannerman, Dane County

If you’re located outside of Wisconsin, view our Stepping On map to see what other states Stepping On is in and who to contact for more information.

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Interested in becoming a facilitator? Visit our Become a Facilitator page to learn more.

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