Program Providers

Program Providers are organizations that deliver one or more WIHA evidence-based healthy aging programs in their local communities.

These organizations employ (or support volunteer) program leaders. They work together with other partners in their communities to plan, organize and deliver programs.  And, they’re the reason that over 35,000 people have taken an evidence-based program in Wisconsin. 

While WIHA provides the training, support, and data management for healthy aging programs in Wisconsin, our Program Provider organizations are the ones who deliver programs to people locally.  If your organization is interested in becoming a Program Provider with WIHA, we want to hear from you! 

Learn more about WIHA program providers by watching our video:

WIHA’s Role & Responsibilities


  • Purchase, provide and maintain the multi-site license, where appropriate, under which all WIHA’s registered Program Providers may deliver the respective program.

  • Maintain a secure database of Program Provider Organizations, Leaders, Workshops and participants

  • Maintain a list of scheduled workshops on WIHA’s website.

Leader Development and Retention

  • Provide Leader Trainings.

  • Provide program update training to Leaders as needed.

Quality Assurance

  • Assist Program Provider Organizations and Program Leaders in delivering programs with fidelity.

  • Monitor quality assurance of program implementation.

Marketing and Recruitment

  • Provide marketing and outreach resources and templates to help providers fill their workshops.

Data Collection

  • Provide data collection materials to Program Providers prior to workshop start date (on website)

  • Offer access to data on all WIHA programs

Continuing Education

  • Provide technical assistance and coaching, including best practice conference calls/webinars and individual coaching as requested.

  • Offer ongoing training such as the Healthy Aging Summit or regional trainings. 

Communication and Partnership

  • Communicate regularly with all Registered Program Providers and their affiliated Program Leaders.

  • Notify all Registered Program Providers when any Leader Training applicant indicates an affiliation with their respective organization, prior to approving the Leader Training application.

Funding Opportunities

  • Pursue and participate in projects with payers that have the potential to increase program reimbursement and sustainability.

  • Notify and offer Registered Program Providers applicable funding and reimbursement opportunities. 

Program Provider Role & Responsibilities

Administration, Program Leaders and Program Delivery

  • Identify a primary and secondary contact person from the organization and provide WIHA updated information.

  • Keep leader information up-to-date.

  • Maintain trained Leaders on staff or as volunteers. If previously trained Leaders have duties reassigned or leave the organization, identify new individuals to become trained as Program Leaders.

  • Aspire to provide a minimum of two (2) workshops per program per calendar year with the first workshop for each new Leader scheduled within 90 days after completion of Leader Training.

Communication and Partnership

  • Notify WIHA of scheduled (and cancelled) workshops in advance of start date.

  • Provide complete communication with workshop participants, to include information and confirmation prior to workshop start date and follow-up with “no-shows.”

  • Support other Registered Program Providers, whenever possible, by providing backup Leaders as needed for workshops.

  • Administer all data collection documents and return them in an organized manner, within 30 days of a completed workshop.

  • Participate in communication activities (e.g., conference calls), and events with WIHA and other partners across Wisconsin;

  • Notify WIHA of any changes in Leaders, contact info for Leaders or Program Provider organization, workshop schedule, or other pertinent changes

Quality Assurance

  • Adhere to program fidelity.

Marketing and Recruitment

  • Include WIHA logo on all marketing materials.  WIHA Logo

Continuing Education

  • Whenever possible, participate in WIHA’s Healthy Aging Summit and/or other regional trainings and events.

Some of these roles may be shared with another program provider in your community.


If you or your organization is not already registered as a program provider organization, contact us to get started.

You can also complete the Registration Form.

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