Volunteer Management

Volunteer: A person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service

Volunteers are an important component to the success and expansion of our work. Volunteers can help with some or all the following:

  • Planning workshops (Identifying dates, times, locations)
  • Program promotion (Hanging flyers, doing presentations, word of mouth)
  • Gathering equipment (If equipment needs to be picked up and dropped off from one place to another)
  • Putting together workshop materials (Printing materials, putting in binders, organizing my sessions, etc.)
  • Facilitating workshops (if trained)
  • And much more!

To be successful with gathering and maintaining volunteers, it’s important to follow the 3 R’s: Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition. To learn more, view the webinar below. Additional tools may be seen in the tabs lower on the page.

The 3 Rs


See steps & tools below. Use or adapt the tools for your needs.


Process of finding the right individual to fill specific volunteer positions.

Volunteer Recruitment Flyer
Volunteer Position Description
Volunteer Interest Form


Goal: To match the right volunteer to the right position. Includes reviewing applications, interviewing potential volunteers, and conducting background checks.
Selection procedure
Potential Volunteer Cover Letter
Background Check Form


To provide information about your organization and help ensure the candidate is the right fit. 
Orientation Agenda


See steps & tools below. Use or adapt the tools for your needs.


To enhance the quality of the volunteer’s work. 
Training Checklist


Volunteer starts their assigned duties. Be strategic about delegating and managing volunteers.


See steps & tools below. Use or adapt the tools for your needs.


Recognizing the efforts of volunteers. This motivates volunteers and keeps them involved with the organization. Review the Volunteer Interest Form to better understand each individual to identify what award/recognition best fits that person.
Certificate Template


An opportunity for volunteers and program providers to evaluate each other and update the volunteer’s goals and/or expectations. Evaluations may be conducted multiple times per year and may be informal or formal. 
Evaluation Form

Additional Resources

Find more resources from the Community Care Corps Online Library.

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