Walk With Ease

The Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease Program is designed to help people living with arthritis better manage their pain. It’s also ideal for people without arthritis who want to make walking a regular habit. Based on research and tested programs in exercise science, behavior change and arthritis management, Walk With Ease is shown to:


• Reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis
• Increase balance, strength and walking pace
• Build your confidence to be physically active
• Improve overall health


Looking for relief from arthritis pain?  Just want to be active? The Walk With Ease program can teach you how to safely make physical activity part of your everyday life.


Participants meet for 1 hour, 3 times a week, for 6 weeks and are guided by a certified leader who provides support and the tools they need to help set and reach their goals. They learn:


  • The basics about arthritis and the relationship between arthritis, exercise, and pain
  • How to exercise safely and comfortably
  • Ways to make walking fun
  • How to make a personal walking plan with realistic goals for improved fitness
  • Tips, strategies, and resources that will help you stick with it — even when you don’t feel like exercising or things get in your way
  • About programs and resources to help you keep up your walking and even branch out to other exercise and self-management programs that people with arthritis enjoy.