Attitudes Toward Aging Affect Longevity

In fact, studies show that those with negative perceptions of aging have a decreased life expectancy of 7.5 years!

Imagine that! Those people who look forward or are not afraid of aging live YEARS longer!

age·ism (n)
prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age.

Oxford Dictionary

“You know you’re getting old when….”

“At my age I need….”

“There are 3 signs of old age…”

“Over the hill”

Ageism is everywhere.

TV, advertisements, birthday cards, social media, and even our workplace and health systems.

Although ageism affects people at every age, many common ageist themes portray negative stereotypes against older adults.

Ageism can be can be external or internal.

External: Things we see in the world such as stereotypical media that portrays older adults as frail and forgetful.

Internal: Something we believe about aging within ourselves such as forgetting something and then stating “I’m getting old”.

WIHA at work.

Through presentations, calling out ageist media, and working with program providers, WIHA is fighting ageism in Wisconsin and beyond.


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