Volunteer Toolkit

Volunteer: A person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service


Volunteers are an important component to the sucess and expansion of our work. Volunteers can help with some or all the following:

  • Planning workshops (Identifying dates, times, locations)
  • Program promotion (Hanging flyers, doing presentations, word of mouth)
  • Gathering equipment (If equipment needs to be picked up and dropped off from one place to another)
  • Putting together workshop materials (Printing materials, putting in binders, organizing my sessions, etc.)
  • Facilitating workshops (if trained)
  • And much more!


To be successful with gathering and maintaining volunteers, it's important to follow the 3 R's: Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition. To learn more, view the webinar below. Additional tools may be seen in the tabs lower on the page.