Test Your Knowledge of Falls

What you know - or don't know - about falls can make a big difference in your risk for having one. How much do you know about falls?  Take this quiz and find out. 




1. What are the chances a person 65 or older will have a fall this year?

2. Falls are a normal part of getting older – you can't do much to avoid a fall.

3. Hip fractures are a leading cause of nursing home admissions. What percentage of hip fractures are caused by a fall?

4. If you're at increased risk of falling, you are also at increased risk for:

5. Having a fall makes people afraid of falling again. Fear of falling has consequences including:

6. My doctor is the only one who can tell me how to avoid a fall.

7. Which of these factors can contribute to a fall?

8. To avoid a fall in your home you should:

9. These are some good ways to avoid falling when you're out and about in your community (pick any that apply)

10. You can reduce your risk of falling by taking a falls prevention class.