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  Shannon Myers
  Stepping On Faculty Trainer
  Karen Beck
  Director of Administration


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Want to bring Stepping On to your state?

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Prevent a fall and you may be preventing a multitude of negative health consequences - from serious injuries to nursing home admissions.  But preventing falls requires a multi-faceted approach coupling expert advice with peer-to-peer learning and exercises to improve balance and strength to address all the many factors that cause falls. And that's what Stepping On provides!


The Stepping On program takes falls prevention beyond balance and strength exercises!  It addresses the many factors that can cause a fall and actually reduces the incidence of falls by 31%!

A Wisconsin-based organization, WIHA is the national license holder for the Stepping On program and can help you get the program started anywhere in the U.S.  Join us and together we'll help people in your community experience life-changing results with Stepping On. 


If you're interested in applying for a falls prevention grant to implement Stepping On, the document below may be of help.  Please contact WIHA for assistance in planning your timeline, strategies and budget as well as any need for a Letter of Commitment for the grant proposal. 
E-mail:  or call 608-243-5690.


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