"It really jump started me into much better health. And maybe I'll be able to retrieve some of my lost muscle, flexibility, and strength so I can be active." -Karen B, past participant

"[Stand Up & Move More] made me aware of moving more."


Stand Up & Move More (Stand Up)

The couch may be comfy, but spending too much time sitting is bad for your health.  Time to Stand Up & Move More!   

Research shows that excessive sedentary behavior (or 'sitting time') has been linked to serious health consequences. In fact, too much sitting time is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day! The Stand Up & Move More program (also known as Stand Up) gives you strategies to do just that - stand up and move more!

The program is designed specifically for older adults who sit more than six hours per day. You'll learn in a group with your peers and help each other identify strategies to stand up more often and for longer periods of time throughout the day. Stand Up has been researched and proven to reduce sitting time by 68 minutes per day.