General Information and Statistics 

About WIHA (pdf)
A fact sheet describing WIHA and its programs

Healthiest Wisconsin 2020
Wisconsin's state health plan


National Council on Aging: Evidence-Based Prevention Programs  (website)
Listing of evidence-based prevention programs for which they provide technical assistance


Wisconsin Interactive Statistics on Health (WISH) (website)
For more information on fall-related deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits in Wisconsin.



Falls Prevention

Wisconsin Burden of Falls Report (pdf)
Find out more about the consequenses of fall-related injuries in Wisconsin 


Wisconsin Falls Action Plan (pdf)
Read about Wisconsin's plan for preventing falls


Wisconsin Injury Prevention Program - Older Adult Resources
Find resources that can be helpful in your prevention month planning.


National Council on Aging:  Falls Prevention (website)


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Falls Prevention (website)

Chronic Conditions

CDC Arthritis Data and Statistics (website)

Self-Management Resource Center (website)
News and information on chronic disease self-management programs

National Council on Aging: Chronic Diseases (website)
News and information on CDSMP