Aging Research Projects


There are a number of Wisconsin-based projects involving academic researchers and community partners that are in various phases of development.
Some current projects include:

Physical Activity and Musculoskeletal Health:

  • Sit Less, Live Better:  A group-based program using behavior change principles to increase standing time in older adults
  • Building Better Bones: A group-based behavior change program to result in adequate Vitamin D and Calcium inake to increase bone health

Emotional Health:

  • Lighten Up: A group-based wellness program for older adults to improve mental health and well-being by using positive journaling

Falls Prevention:

  • Medication management to prevent falls - for Stepping On workshop completers to receive consultation on their medications

  • LiFE:  An in-home intervention led by PT/OTs that teaches older adults how to gain strenth and balance at home with safe daily activities

  • Keep On Stepping On (KOSO): Utilizing technology to extend the sucessful Stepping On program, through a collaboration with the Active Aging Research Center.

  • Pisando Fuerte: A cultural and linguistic translation of the Stepping On falls prevention program for the Latino community

  • Bringing Healthy Aging to Scale (B-HAS) Project -WIHA was awarded an Implementation Grant from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine's Wisconsin Partnership Program.  Titled Bringing Healthy Aging to Scale: Improving Wisconsin's Capacity to Implement and Sustain Evidence-Based Prevention Programs for Older Adults, WIHA and its aging network and other community and health care partners will work with Dr. Jane Mahoney, and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health and the UW School of Engineering to increase the ability of rural counties to implement and sustain Stepping On and Living Well, WIHA's two flagship programs in falls prevention and living with chronic conditions, respectively.  This project is being conducted in collaboration with NIATx, a process improvement program in the Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies, a research center in the Department of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin.  For more information, contact Betsy Abramson.

Memory Loss:

  • The Memory Partners Program:  An intervention to assist individuals in the early stages of memory loss (Mild Cognitive Impairment) in maintaining independence. This program will enroll older adults with memory impairments and a "Memory Partner."

Medication Management:

  • Med Wise - Talking to Your Pharmacist: A group-based program empowering older adults to communicate more effectively with their health team with an emphasis on pharmacists for better medication management


  • BeST Communication-  Better, Safer Care Through Clear Communication:  A group educational program for caregivers of elders to improve effective health communication with health care professionals