Marketing & Outreach

Living Well Marketing ToolkitThis kit filled with strategies and sample materials for Leaders to promote their workshops. 


Promotional Items 

Use the templates below to promote workshops in your community. Simply download and insert your own information!




New! Living Well Brochure - (color - customizable) 1/31/17

New!  Living Well Brochure - (black & white - customizable) 2/7/2017

New! Living Well Participant Referral Card - (color - customizable) 1/31/17

New! Living Well Participant Referral Card - (black & white - customizable) 1/31/2017




Living Well Promotional Flyer/Poster (8 1/2 x 11): Use and customize as desired to promote your workshop.


Living Well logo: Use on any Living Well communications.



Living Well Session Agenda Overview: Use as a handout to potential participants.


Interest list: Pass this sheet around at presentations to capture who would like to know about current and future workshops. Then use to follow-up with a personal phone call.


Living Well PowerPoint Presentation: Use and customize this presentation when speaking to community groups about Living Well.


Selling Living Well Presentation Template: Use this template to help create your own local presentation.


You Can Break Your Symptom Cycle: A presentation excerpted from Stanford University's 2006 CDSMP Leader's Manual.


Encourage Participation in Self-Management Programs: For presenting to potential referrers.


Ground Zero Presentation: Presentation from Stanford University to recruit workshop attendees.


Articles and interesting handouts to promote Living Well:

Fact Sheet for Living Well: Use as is.

Research Articles and Bibliography: For your information. 
Also see,

NCOA Fact Sheet -- The Value of the Stanford University CDSMP:Use as is.


Living Well Outcomes: Use as desired in promoting the Living Well workshop.