Promoting your Stepping On workshop

These materials can help you let people in your community know about and register for your Stepping On workshop.  If you opt to create your own marketing materials to promote and fill your Stepping On workshop, please be sure to include the WIHA logo.  Find it here.


Submit your workshop to WIHA right away! 

It is very important that WIHA is informed of each workshop as soon as possible.  Please let us know within 4 to 6 weeks prior to the workshop start date.

Workshop Notification Form

Once the form is submitted your workshop will be listed on our website.


Stepping On Video (3 minutes) - downloadable

Stepping On Falls Quiz (to share with consumers)


Stepping On Brochure (customizable - color) 8/24/17

Stepping On Poster/Ad: Don't let a Fall Cramp Your Style  (customizable) 8/24/17

Stepping On Poster/Ad: 1 in 4 fall graphic (customizable) 8/24/17

Stepping On Poster/Ad:  A Fall Could Change Everything  (customizable) 8/24/17

Stepping On Poster/Ad:  Maintaining at Home (customizable) 8/24/17


Stepping On Participant Referral Card (customizable - color) 1/30/17

Stepping On Participant Referral Card (customizable - black & white) 2/7/17


New! Stepping On logo (color)

New! Stepping On logo (black & white)

New! Stepping On icon (color)

New!  Stepping On icon (black & white)



Avoiding Falls Means Honest Talk and New Skills for Older Adults (customizable)

Preventing Falls Gives Family Caregivers Renewed Confidence, Strength (customizable)


Falls Death Rates for Older Adults in Wisconsin Among the Highest in the Nation, Prevention Allies Intensify Efforts 



County-level falls data for Wisconsin

Falls Presentation PowerPoint

Governor's Falls Awareness Month Proclamation


Stepping On Marketing Toolkit
A comprehensive resource for new and existing Leaders.


Sample Press Release
Remove yellow highlighting, print on your letterhead, and replace all bracketed information with information specific to your agency and workshop. Add in a quote from your workshop leader or past participant praising the program, if possible.