Planning Your Workshop

Register your workshop right away!

Workshop Notification Form 

This link will take you to the most current online form to let us know about your upcoming workshop. Once submitted, it will be promoted on the WIHA website under "Find a Workshop". This also alerts the office to mail out the data packet required for the workshop. 

Preparing for your workshop 

Planning Guide: Workshop Leader and local agency should complete together to understand who is doing what. It includes outreach ideas and ways to ensure fidelity. 


Weekly Outline for Leaders: This is a support tool for Leaders. It reminds, encourages, and prepares Leaders for each session.


Material checklist: Listing of possible handouts, resources, and materials to conduct a successful workshop. Please edit to reflect your area needs/resources. 

Tips and Tricks for Leaders: A fun list of friendly reminders to prepare 



Materials to register participants

Registration Form: Optional. A template for a person to fill out to register for a workshop. Make it your own; replace yellow bracketed information with information specific to your workshop.

Interest list: Pass this sheet around at presentations to capture who would like to know about current and future workshops. Then use to follow-up with a personal phone call.

Confirmation Letter to Participants: Optional.  An extra step to combat "no shows" at workshops. Send to people that registered for a workshop. Print on your agency's letterhead or use as is.  Replace yellow bracketed information with specifics about the workshop (parking, snacks will be provided, etc.). You may want to include the program brochure as well. 

Forms for conducting a workshop

Sign-in sheet: This is used each week to track participants’ attendance. 

Workshop Overview and Homework: Required. Overview of topics discussed with homework and chapter review on the back. One for each participant, handout at Session One. 


Menu Planning #1 and #2 handout: Required. One set for each participant, #1 used at Session Two and #2 used at Session Four.


FDA Sample Food Label: Require. One for each person. Used in Session 4, Activity 3, Page 14, Item #9. Does your manual instructions indicate to use this handout and not the textbooks for call-outs? If not, see replacement pages and other changes below. 


Extra resources for participants (optional for a resource table); Diabetes Resource , Medical ID Jewelry Order Form (2017) , Chart 9/"Guidelines for a Healthy Meal" 


Provider Feedback Letter template: Optional. Hand out at the end of Session 5. Helps provide feedback about the workshop. Is a template for participants to share what they've learned from this workshop with their health care team. We encourage coordinators to send to providers after the workshop.

Certificate of CompletionEach participant that attends four or more weeks of the workshop is considered a graduate/compelter. Replace sample language with your workshop information for each participant.  Leaders sign each certificate and distribute at Session Six. 

Workshop textbook - Bull Publishing website

BUY CONSERVATIVELY - textbook changes coming in early 2020

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions:  one for each participant. Also, available in audio file/CD/or e-Book.

Relaxation CD: optional (a nice incentive or graduation gift). Leaders were given a CD at training. They can play the CD or read the relaxation script from their Leader Manual.

Workshop Leader Manual changes:

Session Two Insert: Not for participants. Connect with Michelle for proper use. 

Session Four Food Label Insert: these pages replace Session 4, Activity 3, Pages 13-18 in your Leader's Manual. Print back-to-back for a seamless replacement. Not for participant use. 


Material to support your workshop

Signage: Remove yellow.  Insert your workshop's room name or number in place of the brackets. Signage with Graphics


Charts: Leaders need a set of wall charts when leading a Healthy Living with Diabetes workshop - please contact to obtain these by mail.



Don't forget about forms for

Marketing and Outreach
Participant data