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Physical Activity & Exercise Resources

for Professionals to Use in Supporting Communities


Looking for reliable materials to support your community during COVID-19?  We've assembled some communication tools and supports here. We'll add to these resources weekly so check back regularly. 

Materials can be used in a variety of ways - be creative!  Are you packing a lot of home-delivered meals?  You could print and add a graphic to the delivery.  Are you connecting via email?  You can add a graphic or article to your email.  Are you communicating via newsletter?  Same thing - articles and graphics can be added.  Using social media?  Graphics and videos can be shared or follow the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging Facebook page and share content we post. 

Ready-to-Use & Customizable
Find Physical Activity TIPs on the Health Tips page. 


 Graphic: Tips to Reduce Sitting Time - from WIHA (5/13/2020)
      Word doc



Ready-to-Use Articles & PSAs


 New - Public Service Announcement:  Physical Activity & Older Adults - from WIHA (5/20/2020)

 Article - Make Physical Activity Part of Your Life - fom WIHA (4/21/2020)

 Article - Physical Activity to Do at Home - from WIHA (4/21/2020)

 Article - Reduce Sedentary Behavior - from WIHA (4/21/2020)





 Video (1 minute): Bring yourself into the present  - from Tai Chi Health  (4/21/2020 

 Video (6 minutes): Practice Tai Chi with a Chair (for balance support when needed)  - from Tai Chi Health (4/21/2020)

 Video (5 minutes): Practice Tai Chi with a Walker - from Tai Chi Health (4/21/2020)

 Video (4 minutes): Practice Tai Chi Seated - from Tai Chi Health (4/21/2020) 

 Video (3 minutes): Practice gentle range of motion exercises   - from Tai Chi Health (4/21/2020)