WIHA has developed partnerships with several key groups and organizations to further research efforts and disseminate evidence-based prevention programs. These include:

Wisconsin's County and Tribal Aging Offices & Aging & Disability Resource Centers

Wisconsin's Area Agencies on Aging:

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

University of Wisconsin

Health Care Agencies and Providers

A number of Wisconsin-based health care agencies and providers play an active role in ensuring that evidence-based prevention programs are available throughout Wisconsin.


Evidence-Based Prevention Program (EBPP)
Coordinating Committee

WIHA has convened an Evidence-Based Prevention Program (EBPP) Coordinating Committee to ensure program continuity and fidelity.  Coordinating Committee members are:

Betsy Abramson - Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging (WIHA)

Jill Renken - Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging (WIHA)

Anne Hvizdak - Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Public Health, Bureau of Aging & Disability Resources

Jennifer Lefeber - Milwaukee County Department on Aging

Jane Mahoney
- University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health  

Sherri Ohly - Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging (WIHA)

Rozalia Singh - Proyecto Salud, Core El Centro

Ana Paula Soares - Proyecto Salud, Core El Centro

GWAAR Health Promotion Team:

The Health Promotion Team at the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, Inc. (GWAAR) provides guidance and assistance on health promotion activities for older adults. The team works with state and WIHA staff on programming issues and concerns with Evidence-based Prevention Programs (such as Living Well and Stepping On).  Following are some ways staff can provide technical assistance to aging unit directors, staff, and prevention program partners:


  • Interpret and answer specific questions about Title III-D: Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services of the Older Americans Act
  • Generate ideas for effectively spending III-D funds
  • Provide Health Promotion Coordinators and other Aging Unit staff with materials and resources related to a variety of wellness topics for presentation replication
  • Assist with developing, marketing, outreach and sustaining of health promotion programs and Evidenced-Based Prevention Programs (EBPP) such as Living Well and Stepping On
  • Provide training, assistance, and fidelity coaching sessions for local Living Well and Stepping On program leaders
  • Promote (and in some cases, lead) Living Well and Stepping On Leader Trainings and other health promotion presentations
  • Provide assistance with writing health promotion SMART goals for Aging Unit Plans

 Contact: Jill Renken