Medication Management

(Stage 2 Research Project)

The MedWise program was designed by UW Madison School of Pharmacy academic partners, Betty Chewning and Beth Martin. This intervention is a 2-session community-based self-efficacy program to increase participants’ confidence and communication with pharmacists regarding their medications.   


The program grew from a collaboration facilitated through CAARN between the ADRC of Portage County and UW School of Pharmacy.  A growing need to continue our work in addressing fall prevention through medication management programming initiated the partnership discussions.  Sessions began in Portage County and were successful.  With that success, a UW Baldwin grant was written and awarded, which allowed the program to spread throughout other ADRCs in Wisconsin. 

“What a great program… best, most practical, helpful health presentation I’ve been to at the center. I visit my primary care doctor tomorrow to talk to her regarding my meds.”


MedWise consists of a 2-session community workshop (meeting once a week for 2 weeks, 2 hours each session).  The curriculum is presented by 2 trained leaders (and 1 guest Pharmacist during session #2).  


Research process:

Stage 1: Development and pilot testing of intervention.

Funded by: Portage County and UW-Madison School of Pharmacy. 
Community Partner:
Aging & Disability Resource Center of Portage County


Stage 2: Gather additional data and develop and implement leader manuals and a leader training mechanism.

Funded by: UW Madison Baldwin Award
Community Partners: ADRC of Portage County;ADRC of Calumet, Outagamie and Waupaca Counties; ADRC of Adams, Green Lake, Marquette, and Waushara Counties.


Stage 3: Randomized-Control Trial through federal funding sources.  Additional community partners will be involved. 


Stage 4: Ready for statewide (and future nationwide) dissemination through WI Institute for Healthy Aging.


Current status:  Stage 2



Shannon Myers
Community Research Specialist
Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging
(608) 852-0813