Marketing & Outreach

Healthy Living with Diabetes Marketing Kit: This kit filled with strategies and sample materials for Leaders to promote their workshops. If you opt to create your own marketing materials, please be sure to add the WIHA logo.  Find it by clicking here.


Promotional Items 

Insert information about your workshop and promote to your community:


Help Yourself to Better Health Campaign
Find tools, materials, and resources to build awareness of your Healthy Living with Diabetes workshops and be part of a campaign to improve access to Healthy Living with Diabetes throughout Wisconsin.

Visit the campaign page




Healthy Living with Diabetes Brochure (color - customizable) 1/31/2017

Healthy Living with Diabetes Participant Referral Card  (color - customizable) 1/31/2017

Healthy Living with Diabetes Participant Referral Card (black & white - customizable) 2/7/2017



Bookmark style: We were unable to upload it as a customizable document. Print front to back; three flyers to a page! Contact Michelle Comeau for the Publisher version; 


Poster 1 or Poster 2: These are nice flyers to promote your workshops. Edit the yellow areas with local information.

Poster with Pull Tabs: Fill in your phone number, print and cut the tabs. People can take your info where ever it's posted!


Healthy Living with Diabetes logo: For your use in marketing the program.


For HLWD Presentations

Presentation: A tool to assist you in making a presentation to potential workshop participants.


PowerPoint Presentation (2017) - Overviews the program with talking points in the "notes" secion. Great to potential participants or community partners.

Diabetes Stats Presentation for DSMP Leaders (2013)


Articles and interesting handouts to promote HLWD

Cost Saving Analysis of the Healthy Living with Diabetes Program (2015)

Fact Sheet for Healthy Living with Diabetes

FAQs for Certified Diabetes Educators About the Stanford DSMP

Research Articles and Resources: See these sites describing the original research supporting the Stanford Diabetes Self-Management Program.