Facts About Chronic Conditions

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You're not alone. But it might feel that way. Living Well with Chronic Conditions can help.


Maybe it's arthritis.  Or high blood pressure.  Or even cancer, depression or COPD.  Your doctor told you what to call your condition - but it's been up to you to figure out how to live with it . . . everyday.  Over 80% of older adults in the U.S. have at least one on-going health condition.  That's a lot of people with the same questions you have.


What if you could feel better and do more? 


Sounds like a big goal - but Living Well with Chronic Conditions workshops help make it possible. Decades of research - and thousands of people - have found that Living Well lives up to its promise. With the simple skills and the new habits you build, you can take better control of your health - and get back to doing what matters most.