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We know there are all kinds of inspirational stories of people who have helped themselves to better health.  Tell us yours!  If you're a program leader, coordinator or participant, we want to hear how evidence-based health promotion programs have helped you or the people in your community. 


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With the pandemic continuing, it's never been more important to 

Help Yourself to Better Health

A movement to enlighten and empower people to better health


We're all aging from the day we're born, but somewhere along the way we begin to think that being older is a bad thing.  Why?  Because getting older has become synonymous with physical and mental decline - so why bother taking steps to take care of our health?  The good news is that we can all do something to improve our health - no matter what our age - but it starts with believing we can and changing negative perceptions of growing older.  


Are you ready to help yourself - and your community - to better health?