Job Opening: Community Engagement Coordinator

Community Engagement Coordinator


Location:  Milwaukee



In support of the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging, this 80-100% FTE position will be dedicated to improving the health of the African American adult community by identifying, developing and supporting individual and organizational partnerships in Milwaukee.  The position will strive to improve the African American community’s health by developing, expanding and sustaining the provision of evidence-based community health promotion programs to improve quality of life for Milwaukee’s African American community, prevent disease, reduce falls and health complications associated with chronic conditions and reduce hospitalizations and emergency room visits. 


The Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in both staff and programs as strategies to improve health equity.


Reports to:

Director of Leader Development


Primary duties and responsibilities:

(1)   To improve the health of the community, establish and implement a plan and process for partnership development that supports partner organizations in the successful on-going delivery of WIHA’s health promotion programs.

(2)   Create, commit to and maintain on-going relationships with the grassroots community and structures for on-going feedback and advice.  This will include:

  • attending programs and presenting at community events such as health fairs, faith-based events and other community programs
  • serving on local and regional committees that align with the work of WIHA
  • engaging in follow-up to sustain new relationships with external stakeholders, to create and maintain rewarding lasting partnerships
  • networking and helping partner organizations with collaborative events
  • assisting in coordinating community meetings and events in collaboration with other agencies and organizations

(3)   Continuously determine the greatest health needs of Milwaukee’s African American community, as identified by grassroots community members and together determine how WIHA’s evidence-based health promotion programs could assist in meeting those needs.

(4)   Identify the unique challenges and barriers to providing these programs and develop partnerships and strategies to reduce the barriers.

(5)   Together with key respected individuals in the Milwaukee African American community, develop models for sustainable delivery of evidence-based health promotion programs with both public and private organizations that serve the community (e.g., churches, community centers, community health centers).

(6)   Develop and enhance key infrastructure elements needed to support the partnerships in the African American community, including customized trainings, funding, incentives for serving as Workshop Program Leaders and partner organizations and supports needed for participants in the community workshops.

(7)   Identify current and potential new organizational partners in the Milwaukee African American community and key decision-makers within those organizations.

(8)   Work with organizational partners to identify potential Workshop Program Leaders affiliated with their organization(s) and prepare and support these individuals through WIHA Program Leader Training.

(9)   Work with organizational partners and trained Workshop Program Leaders in planning, organizing, recruiting participants and delivering workshops in their respective communities for the individuals they serve (e.g., members, clients, congregants).

(10) Continuously communicate and coordinate with the Milwaukee County Department on Aging and Milwaukee Office of African American Affairs to fully coordinate program development.


Works internally with:

  • WIHA Director of Leader Development (on-site supervisor)
  • WIHA Executive Director
  • WIHA Director of Communications and Community Relations
  • WIHA Administrative Staff
  • WIHA Board of Directors


Collaborates externally with:

  • Any community-based organization, faith-based organization, coalition, employer, health clinic, health system, health insurer or individual committed to: enhancing and improving the health of the African American community, healthy aging, wellness, prevention, self-management, empowerment, communities with health inequities, volunteerism or a related focus.
  • Milwaukee County Department on Aging and other City/County of Milwaukee departments on aging, public health, African American Affairs, equity and disability.
  • Wisconsin’s statewide Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs Coordinating Committee




Education: Bachelor’s or Associate degree, Certification or equivalent experience, in Community Health Education, Community Organizing, Public Health, Social Work or related field. 


Experience:  Four years of professional experience in a role related to position responsibilities such as community-organizing, health promotion, health education, volunteer development.


Desired Knowledge, Skills and/or Experience

(1)   Long-time relationships with, knowledge of, experience working with and commitment to Milwaukee County’s African American grassroots community and major institutions

(2)   History of working with community-based organizations in Milwaukee County

(3)   Personal commitment to health, wellness and healthy aging

(4)   Experience with positive relationship-building to work effectively with external partners, co-workers, service providers, policymakers and community members

(5)   Partner development, community-organizing, coalition-building

(6)   Knowledge of communication channels and their appropriate use in Milwaukee community

(7)   Health promotion and disease prevention

(8)   Evidence-based health promotion programs

(9)   Project management, including organizational and time management, program evaluation and process improvement

(10) Ability to work independently with communities and local agencies

(11) Quality assurance, fidelity and improvement programs for service providers

(12) Outstanding written and oral communication skills, related to position responsibilities


Position based in Milwaukee.  Some travel required, including monthly meeting in Madison.  Must hold valid Wisconsin driver’s license. 



Please send electronically to:   

  1. A resume; and
  2. A cover letter, not to exceed two pages, that addresses your education and experience related to:

(a) working with African Americans to address community health inequities;

(b) evidence-based health promotion program delivery;

(c) partnership development, and management and support of a community coalition, including infrastructure; and

(d) evaluation and quality improvement.


In Subject Line, please type: YOUR LAST NAME: Community Engagement Application

Applications that do not conform to the above requirements will not be considered. 

Position Open until appropriate candidate found.


Salary of $20/hour+, depending on experience.  Generous Fringe Benefits.