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Loneliness, Isolation & Mental Health Resources

For Professionals to Use in Supporting Their Communities


Looking for reliable materials to support your community during COVID-19?  We've assembled some communication tools and supports here and will add to the page weekly.


Materials can be used in a variety of ways - be creative!  Are you packing a lot of home-delivered meals?  You could print and add a graphic to the delivery.  Are you connecting via email?  You can add a graphic or article to your email.  Are you communicating via newsletter?  Same thing.  Using social media?  Like the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging Facebook page and share content we post. 


Ready-to-Use & Customizable 

Download and add your own contact information (to Word doc) if you choose. Can be inserted into newsletters or used in online communication.


Find Isolation & Mental Health Tips on the Health Tips page. 


  Social Isolation Resource Guide - from AAA of Dane County (7/14/2020)
        The guide is updated periodically - visit AAA of Dane County and scroll down for updates.

  :60 PSA: Loneliness In Older Adults - from WIHA (5/19/2020)

 Letter-to-the-Editor:  What We Can All Do to Support People Who Are Lonely & Socially Isolated

        - from WIHA (4/29/2020)          Under 400 Word Version  |  Over 500 Word Version 


  Tips Graphic: Tips for Managing Your Emotions During the Coronavirus            Pandemic - from WIHA  (4/22/2020)
         Color image |  Black & white image

   Download, add your own contact information, print, cut and  
   distribute as needed - with home-delivered meals, pharmacy bag
   stuffers, or any other consumer contact.  Content can also be
   inserted into newsletters or used in online communication.


  GraphicCoping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks - (4/21/2020)
         from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA)


  Recorded Webinar
        Having Difficult Conversations During Times of Crisis with Older Adults  
        featuring Kay Jewell, MD (4/21/2020)   |   Presentation Powerpoint