Hosting a Workshop

By hosting a Healthy Living with Diabetes (HLWD) workshop, you make a huge contribution to the health and well-being of people in your community who are affected by diabetes. But you're probably wondering just what you're getting into. There are several things to consider as you plan for your workshop. Are there trained Leaders in my area? Can my facility accommodate the workshop needs? How will I promote and register participants for this workshop?

Contact your local Program Coordinator or WIHA to determine whether there are trained Leaders already in your area who could lead a workshop with your organization. Together we'll assist in scheduling and organizing the workshop for your clients, patients, members or the general older adult population in your area.

  • If your organization has a trained Leader as an employee or volunteer, you can work together to schedule and organize your workshop with the local Program Coordinator.

Room needs the following criteria:

The space needs to be reserved for 4 hours to accommodate the workshop (2.5 hours), pre-workshop set-up time (45 minutes–1 hour), and clean-up time (15-30 minutes), once a week for 6 weeks.

  • Enough space for 18 people
  • Private area to respect confidential discussion
  • Table and chairs in conference style layout
  • Enough blank wall space for charts
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Accessible bathrooms nearby
  • Will water/snack be available?
Promoting the workshop
  • Successful workshop sizes are 12–16 people. We limit group sizes to a maximum of 18 and a minimum of 10. New participants can join the first and second session but is closed after that to ensure a good group dynamic. 
  • Visit the links below for informational and promotional materials about HLWD
    General Background 
    Sample flyers and brochures
  • Your local Program Coordinator is a great resource! 

To simplify the workshop hosting process for you, we've created a HLWD Workshop Planning Guide to help you organize your workshop. Questions or need assistance? Please contact Michelle Comeau at