HomeMeds Medication Management Improvement System is an intervention enabling case managers, social workers, and nurse case managers to enter a participants' medication into a computer-based alert system and resolve identified medication problems with involvement of a consulting geriatric pharmacist.   This evidence-based intervention has been shown to improve:


  • Communication with physicians, pharmacists, and others about relsolving identified problems by a change in medication
  • Managing doses of medications
  • Confidence in speaking with health-care professionals

Who should consider taking Medication Management Improvement System: HomeMeds?

Older adults; especially dually Medicare and Medicaid-eligible clients and those receiving home health services.


Where is it available?

The program is offered is several Wisconsin communities.  To see if it is offered in your community, contact your local county or tribal aging office


For more information:

Developed by the Partners in Care Foundaton, learn more by visiting the HomeMeds web page.