Help Yourself to Better Health Campaign



The Help Yourself to Better Health Campaign is about helping people take charge of their lives by taking control of their health. We know that evidence-based self-management programs play a major role in living well and aging well; now it’s time to make sure EVERYBODY knows this and is motivated to take steps to avoid injury and improve their health.


Goals of the Campaign

1) Increase public awareness of and engagement in evidence-based health promotion programs, and

2) Ensure access to programs by advocating for funding to support and implement evidence-based health promotion programs that prevent injury and improve wellness.


Join the Movement!  

If you have an on-going health problem or are at risk for an illness or injury, there are things you can do to help yourself to better health. Check out the evidence-based programs we have to offer by clicking on the Find a Workshop box at right.  There you will find a variety of programs in communities throughout Wisconsin that you can sign-up for that will help you take charge of your health.


If you're a health promotion program Leader, Coordinator, Volunteer or have a personal or professional interest in motivating people to take charge of their health through evidence-based programs, we want you!  Beginning in June 2018 and running through June of 2019, we will be developing materials, planning activities and events, and holding calls to let you know all about it and how you can participate.  If you're interested and want to get involved, contact Kris Krasnowski to join the campaign distribution list and get invitations to campaign conference calls. 


The materials below are designed to help you promote local programs by using the campaign theme - Help Yourself to Better Health.  Check back here regularly for updates and new materials coming soon.  If you have questions on how to use the materials or problems downloading documents, please contact Kris Krasnowski.


Materials & Resources

Campaign Overview (pdf) 6/2018


Campaign Logo
Download the campaign logo to use on your own materials and/or in your own email signature.


Download here.

By-the-Numbers (pdf) 8/2018

This document describes the reach, evidence and cost-savings for WIHA programs and can be used to make the case for increasing funding for programs.  


Promotional Print Material

The documents below can be used as posters, flyers, or ads and customized to incorporate your own local content.  To use, download the document you want to customize and open it.  Click on the text box you want to customize and add your own information and/or logo.  Save and print or insert into your newsletter or paper as needed.  


Click here to download. Click here to download. Click here to download. 

Click here to download. Click here to download. 
Click here to download.
Click here to download.


Click here to download. Click here to download. Click here to download. 

Tell Us A Story!

We know there are all kinds of inspirational stories of people who have helped themselves to better health.  Tell us yours!  If you're a program leader, coordinator - or even a participant - we want to hear how evidence-based health promotion programs have helped you and/or the people in your community. 


Simply click here, fill out the story form, and submit.  We may use your story on the WIHA website, include it in our list of program testimonials, and share it with others to inspire and motivate.


Conversation Starter Cards

Print as is or add your own logo and content to these conversation starter cards.  Pages print back-to-back. Pleace cards in places where people gather to start discussions about healthy behaviors and health promotion programs. There are several topics to choose from.


Help Yourself to Better Health - #1 (Word doc)

Help Yourself to Better Health - #2 (Word doc)

Falls Prevention - #1 (Word doc)

Falls Prevention - #2 (Word doc)

Chronic-condition management (Word doc)

Diabetes management (Word doc)

Caregiver Support (Word doc)



Ask Me About 7.5 Button & Card

As unveiled at the 2018 Healthy Aging Summit, WIHA created buttons and cards outlining the benefits of a positive perception of aging. Contact Kris Krasnowski to get the template and instructions for printing your own buttons locally.

Ask Me About 7.5  |  Ask Me About 7.5 Printing Template
Download and print the card (PDF file)- back-to-back -- and cut to create a hand-out next time you reference the statistic. Encourage people to ask their friends to "ask about 7.5."




Help Yourself to Better Health
PowerPoint presentation.  

This PowerPoint presentation can be
adapted to help you promote programs
in your communty.


Download here.

Elevator Pitch Template

Want to convince a decision-maker
of the value of your programs? 
Check out the sample and
follow the outline to build your
own elevator pitch to
help you generate support.  

Download here.


Healthy Aging Grants
Issue Brief

Learn more about the issue and
find support data that builds the
case for Healthy Aging Grants.

Download here.

WAAN Issue Card

Share with candidates for
state elected office to
educate them and
demonstrate your support
for aging programs.

Download here.