General Background


Thinking about becoming a Healthy Living with Diabetes workshop leader or just want to know more about the program?  Watch this video.


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Fact Sheet for Healthy Living with Diabetes (2016)


Cost Saving Analysis of the Healthy Living with Diabetes Program (2015)


Research Articles and Resources

Article about DSMP from The Diabetes Educator

Diabetes Resource Handout


Diabetes Stats Presentation for DSMP Leaders


Healthy Living with Diabetes PowerPoint Presentation  -  This PowerPoint slide presentation provides background information on the Healthy Living with Diabetes program and was initially designed for potential program Leaders. You are welcome to use relevant slides through "Dissemination in Wisconsin" in any outreach efforts or in developing partnerships. The balance of the slides are related to Leader qualifications, Leader expectations and training, a community's readiness to take on the program, excerpts form the Planning Guide, the Leader portion of the WIHA website, support for Leaders and Leader training. As such, they are not relevant for potential participants but may be relevant in developing partnerships.