For Leaders & Coordinators

Thank you for committing your expertise, time, and talents to the Walk With Ease program. We have created tools to help you initiate, promote, lead, and evaluate a Walk With Ease program in your community. 


Background Information 

Research Behind Walk With Ease 


Leading the Program

New Leader Information

Register & Pay for the 3-hour on-line Leader Course through AFAA

Register with WIHA as a Walk With Ease Leader


Planning & Implementation

Program Notification Form


Outreach Materials

Walk With Ease Media Kit (customizable)

Walk With Ease brochure (customizable) 

Walk With Ease flyer (customizable) - version 1

Walk With Ease flyer (customizable) - version 2

Walk With Ease flyer (customizable) - version 3


Program Materials

Walk With Ease participant guide books - Use the following coupon code  - WWECBO - at checkout to receive the discounted price when ordering your Walk With Ease participant guide books. 

Place your book order here

WWE Posters
- required


Data Collection Materials ~

Packets will be sent 1-2 weeks before the start of the program to the person listed on the Program Notification Form.  

Instructions  (pdf 8.25.17)

Tips & Talking Points  (pdf 8.25.17)

Why Data Collection is so Important  (pdf 8.25.17)

Attendance Log  (pdf 8.25.17)

Health & Demographic Survey/Baseline Questionnaire  (pdf 9.6.17)

Health & Demographic Survey/Post-Program Questionnaire  (pdf 8.25.17)


LEADER CONTACT INFORMATION CHANGE: Please use this form to update WIHA of any contact information changes.


If you would like additional information or have questions, please contact us.