For Living Well Workshop Leaders and Coordinators

Jill Renken

Hi, I'm Jill Renken, Older Americans Act consultant with the  Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources and Community Research Associate with the Community Academic Aging Research Network.

If you have questions about the Living Well program, are interested in becoming a Living Well program leader, or would like to bring a Living Well workshop to your community, please contact me.



Thank you for committing your expertise, talents, and time to the Living Well program. Because of your extraordinary efforts, together we have already reached many older people with chronic conditions in Wisconsin providing them with the tools and resources to better manage their health.  We have created tools (see categories on the left) to help you initiate, promote, lead, and evaluate a Living Well workshop in your community.


This site is a resource to help you facilitate workshops and connect to the most up-to-date information. Along the left-hand side of the page is categories with different tools and documents to help you have a successful workshop. We update and change forms periodically therefore please use this site as your main resource before each workshop.


Planning Your Workshop – helpful forms to prepare leaders to lead, forms to register and track people, and handouts needed to facilitate a workshop. 

Marketing & Outreach – promotional materials, presentations, and articles to connect to your community. 
Data Collection and Fidelity – proper surveys used in the workshops 

Program and Organization Information – help understand how the program works and who is involved. Also, there are documents about the rules and guidelines when being a part of this program. 

Volunteer Leader Reimbursement – stipend forms for volunteer leaders


Also, click here for the basic overview of Living Well


IMPORTANT: If your contact information changes – please use this form to update WIHA. We appreciate knowing the best way to communicate with you





The federal Administration on Aging's Administration for Community Living has announced some changes related to protecting the privacy of the information collected on workshop participant questionnaires. To stay in compliance with grant requirements, please note the following:


All Leaders and Program Coordinators must view NCOA's 18-minute pre-taped Privacy and Security webinar. (Click to view) After viewing the webinar Leaders should confirm that they viewed the webinar by completing this short online form. WIHA will then be able to update the database indicating that the Leader has viewed the webinar on protecting the privacy and security of participants. (Please note: When watching the webinar, all references to participants needing to sign the consent form no longer apply.)


If you have any questions about the process please contact Karen Denu; (608) 243-5690.


If you would like additional information or have questions, please contact us.