More than 35,000 people taking control of their health?  Yep - you did that.  


Because of your hard work, over 35,000 people right here in Wisconsin have learned how to avoid injuries, manage their health conditions, and have gained the confidence to do the things they love at home and in their communities.  On behalf of those folks - and their families -  thank you for the extraordinary gift of time, talent and heart you share when you coordinate and/or lead a workshop.

Find resources for planning, promoting, leading and evaluating a workshop in your community are listed by program at right. Visit regularly to be sure you are using up-to-date materials each time you plan a workshop and download the latest version of each form, handout and brochure.



Program Requirements

How many Facilitators are required to lead a program? How many participants do you need for each workshop? How many workshops do you need to facilitate to keep your certification? Find all of that on the WIHA Program Requirements document.