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Are you a community-based organization interested in promoting flu vaccination with the older adults in your area?  Consider joining our Older Adult Flu Vaccination Initative. Organizations that commit to and verify that they have met certain requirements will receive a stipend for their efforts. Click the link below to indicate your interest.  


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Protect Yourself, Protect Others

Older Adult Flu Vaccination Initiative 2020/21


If we've learned anything in 2020, it's that viral illnesses are serious and can be deadly - especially for older adults. Due in part to much higher rates of chronic conditions, older people make up the majority of flu-related deaths (84%). While older people get flu shots at a higher rate than others (70% - 42%), the pandemic presents challenges such as a fear of going out to get a shot, misinformation about flu shots, and fewer opportunities to get a shot. 

    That's why we've launched a flu vaccination campaign to encourage older people to get a flu shot this flu season.  The resources below are designed to share in your own community to help promote flu shots.  Many are customizable and can be used in print or online. Be creative. If you have questions about how to use these resources, contact Kris Krasnowski.


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     Flu Vaccine: Your Best Shot for Avoiding Influenza


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    Share this CDC-developed video on the importance of getting a flu shot. 

      CDC Video:
      Mask Up, Wash Up, Roll Up

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