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Falls Prevention Resources

for Professionals to Use in Supporting Communities


Looking for reliable materials to support your community during COVID-19?  We've assembled some communication tools and supports here and will add to the page weekly.


Materials can be used in a variety of ways - be creative!  Are you packing home-delivered meals?  You could print and add a graphic to the delivery.  Are you connecting via email?  You can add a graphic or article to your email.  Are you communicating via newsletter?  Same thing.  Using social media?  Like the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging Facebook page and share content we post. 


Ready-to-Use & Customizable 


Find Falls Prevention Tips on the Health Tips page. 


  Graphic: Falls & Hearing Loss
      - from WIHA (4/29/2020)

   Download, add your own contact information, print, cut and  
   distribute as needed - with home-delivered meals, pharmacy bag
   stuffers, or any other consumer contact.  Content can also be
   inserted into newsletters or used in online communication.


   Article: Yes!  You Can Prevent A Fall - from WIHA (4/29/2020)

   Article: Cancer Treatment May Increase Risk of Falls - from WIHA (4/29/2020)


  :60 Radio PSA:  Preventing Falls with Stepping On - from WIHA (4/29/2020)


  Video:  Heel-Toe Walking Demonstration - from National Institute on Aging (4/29/2020)