Data Collection and Program Fidelity


Program Fidelity

Fidelity Tool: Use this tool as a self-assessment or discussion piece between you and your co-Leader. Am I coducting the workshop as intended by the developers? Reach out to Michelle with any questions about use. 



Data Collection

First step - fillout the Workshop Notification Form to alert WIHA of your workshop. For information about Session One participant questionnaire - please scroll down and read about the new partnership with MetaStar and HLWD workshops.


                    In short, WIHA will send a packet with everything you need to do the Data Collection (instructions and pre-printed surveys).  It will be sent to the individual you list on the Workshop Notification Form for your HLWD workshop. 

Session Six Evaluation: Optional. Invite each participant to complete at Session Six, then collect and review for your own local purposes. Make it your own!


MetaStar Data Collection

We have some great news.  MetaStar, Wisconsin’s Quality Improvement agency, has contacted us about working with them to administer pre- and post- surveys of participants in the Healthy Living with Diabetes (HLWD) workshop under a contract they have with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, to evaluate, and potentially reimburse for, this high-level evidence-based program.   Accordingly, we have a new Data Collection Process for the HLWD Workshops. 


The very good news is that you will not need to download any data collection instructions or materials from our website.  Instead, we will send copies of everything you need to do this Data Collection and surveys.  This will include instructions, informational sheets, a script, Frequently Asked Questions, copies of the survey, the Attendance Log, and a pre-paid return envelope. The instructions we send you explain everything and all of the materials are color-coded.   We will send this packet to the individual you list on the Workshop Notification Form for your HLWD workshop.


In the meantime, here’s a short summary:

          1. At the first session, you will distribute the Baseline Questionnaires, with an informational sheet about the study. 
          2. At the end of the last (6th) session, you will ask participants to complete a short (2 page) “After” Questionnaire. 
          3. You will make copies of the first four pages of each questionnaire and Attendance Log and give to your county aging unit/ADRC to enter into the “SAMS” system.
          4. You will send all of the original completed questionnaires and the Attendance Log to WIHA in the envelope provided.
          5. MetaStar will also mail a questionnaire to participants 6 months after they complete the workshop. 


You will see that the surveys ask participants to give the University of Wisconsin and MetaStar permission to verify the dates of any visits to emergency departments and/or hospitals 6 months before and 6 months after attending the workshop.  Participants can give this permission by providing both their birthdate and the last four digits of their Social Security number.  We, MetaStar and the University will keep participants’ names and contact information confidential.   As always, filling out the questionnaires is completely voluntary and participants are not required to do so to participate in the program.  


We will send the first Leader listed (or the person designated on your Workshop Notification Form) the data collection packet about a week before the start of your workshop with additional information.  We are also including a $10 gift card for each of the two leaders as a small “thank you” for administering the pre- and post-surveys. 


Please let us know if you have any questions after reading through the materials.


Thanks for all you do help promote healthy living in Wisconsin!


Michelle Comeau, Director of Leader Development, 262-305-4958,

Morgan Walsh, Program Assistant, 608-243-5694,