Please contact us if you're interested in offering one of our evidence-based programs to your patients, clients, employees or beneficiaries.



Partner for Prevention

Contract with WIHA to Offer Programs to Your Patients, Members, or Employees


If you're interested in offering one or more of WIHA's evidence-based programs to your rising-risk populations, we're ready to help make it happen!


Whether you're a health care provider or a health insurer, you are facing a double challenge today: how to hard-wire quality outcomes and control costs, as you continue the transition to value-based payment systems.  If you're an employer, you know the costs associated with chronic illness and injury - including absenteeism.  WIHA's evidence-based interventions can complement clinical care, help mitigate costs, and keep employees healthy and productive. 


WIHA and its health promotion programs – based on principles of adult learning, patient activation and self-management – can complement clinical care and care management.  Our focus is behavior change.  Our interventions are designed to help participants make the life changes that lead to improved self-efficacy and self-management of conditions. In turn, these improvements lead to better quality outcomes and decreased utilization of health care resources.


Contact us to learn more about our program delivery models – customized to fit your needs. We're ready to work with you to deliver the right programs, to the right people, at the right time and location.