Falls Free Wisconsin Coalition

The Falls Free Wisconsin Coalition is committed to reducing falls among older adults in Wisconsin using a collective impact approach.

Made up of community-based organizations such as aging offices and Aging & Disability Resource Centers, health care providers and systems, local falls and injury prevention coalitions, and others, the group is focused on:

  • Raising awareness of the physical, emotional and financial impact of falls

  • Identifying and sharing best practices for falls prevention

  • Engaging in policy and systems change to improve prevention of and response to falls

Falls Free Wisconsin Webinar Series

Innovative Approaches to Falls Prevention in Wisconsin Communities

Tools & Strategies for Preventing Falls in Wisconsin

Best Practices in Screening Patients for Falls Risk & Connecting to Community-Based Programs

Steering Committee
Best Practices & Local Coalition Support Work Group

Work Group Co-chairs: Ann Gallo and Suzie Ryer

Public Policy & Research Work Group

Work Group Chair: Kris Krasnowski

Public Awareness Work Group

Work Group ChairKris Krasnowski

Data Collection & Analyzation Work Group

Work Group Chair Contact: Suzanne Schreiner

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