Hello!  I'm Jill Renken, Director of Program Provider Relations, and I'm excited by the prospect of welcoming you to the WIHA family.  Contact me and we'll schedule some time to get acquainted.  I want to get to know you, your agency and community needs and provide you with the planning, support services, data collection and technical assistance to help you successfully launch a program or two -- or more -- in your community. 



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Partnerships are the foundation for spreading
evidence-based healthy aging programs.



Program Providers are organizations that deliver one or more WIHA evidence-based healthy aging programs in their local communities. These organizations employ (or support volunteer) program leaders. They work together with other partners in their communities to plan, organize and deliver programs.  And, they're the reason that over 35,000 people have taken an evidence-based program in Wisconsin. 

While WIHA provides the training, support, and data management for healthy aging programs in Wisconsin, our Program Provider organizations are the ones who deliver programs to people locally.   If your organization is interested in becoming a Program Provider with WIHA, we want to hear from you! 


To get started:


  • Browse our programs (link in the Programs tab below) to determine which may be right for your organization to offer. 

  • Read through the roles and responsibilities of both WIHA and each Program Provider (in tabs below).

  • Contact Jill Renken, Director of Program Provider Partnerships at WIHA, to get started.  Contact Jill Renken