And the Research Says . . .

Attitudes Toward Aging Affect Longevity

In fact, studies show that those with negative perceptions
of aging have a decreased life expectancy of 7.5 years!


Ageism is defined as a systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people
because they are old.  And while many "isms" have rightly been called out, ageism continues
to be a widely prevalent, generally accepted discrimination that has real consequenses
for our health and longevity.  


What Can We Do to Combat Ageism?
Demonstrate Your Support for an End to Ageism:



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  Ask Me About 7.5 Button & Card

  WIHA created buttons and cards outlining the
  benefits of a positive attitude toward aging.  
  These buttons have been distributed in communities
   throughout Wisconsin to educate the public about the
   very real health impacts of ageist thinking. 

   If you're interested in purchasing a quantity of buttons
   and cards for distribution in your community, contact us.  
   Buttons are $.40 each but must be purchased in quantities
   of 50 or more.  Shipping costs based on location.  

   Contact Kris Krasnowski for more information.