Determinants of Health
Did you know that what happens in the doctor's office is responsible for just 20% of your health?  Much more - 30% - is up to you and how well you take care of yourself.  Our programs can help!

Source: County Health Rankings model - University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute (2016)


Healthier aging takes research, practice - and the power of people.


Aging isn't what it used to be.  We're living longer and that means more and more of us are living with day-to-day health issues like diabetes, arthritis - even cancer.  Clinical treatments have made a lot of progress.  But the most important influences on health happen outside the doctor's office - things we can do something about . . . with the right kind of help.


The Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging is a one-stop shop for scientifically-proven self-management education programs that can bring the power of better self-care to adults throughout our state - especially older adults.  Over 40,000 people in Wisconsin have taken a workshop we offer through a network of provider organizations all over the state.  That means thousands fewer trips to the emergency department or hospitalizations, fewer falls, better caregiving, and measurable reductions in the progress of illnesses.


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